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12 April 2022 @ 03:08 pm

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♥ birthday: 02/07
♥ height: 168 cm
♥ birthplace: tennessee, usa

① favorite food: pizza, fruits, sweets, all the snacks.
② hobbies / likes: fashion, photography, anime, video games, jpop.
③ dislikes: mosquitoes, rude people.

Welcome to my journal~! I'm always open to adding people so go ahead, comment and look around.
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18 February 2014 @ 12:33 am

I guess I'm sorta kinda posting here again. I'll be crossposting from my dreamwidth, and I'll log in every week to read my friends list here.

Here's a short update on my life in case anyone is here to see it:

- I finally got my GED last year and I have graduation this May(?) along with the other GED graduates in my area. It should be pretty fun.

- I'm starting to study music and am saving up for a beginners keyboard to practice with.

- I'm 21 now. Isn't that weird? Being back here is bringing back a lot of memories of being newly 16 and starting this blog with hardly anything to say and no privacy lol. All I had was the family computer back then!! Also, I miss early morning blogging and exaggerated feelings and writing everything down in notepad first.

I missed you guys. None of you are here to see it though. I hope you all grew up well too.

I hope you're having fun.